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Company Background

The company was formed in 2010 by Robert Davies, Simon Burton and John Sweetlove who have worked together for over 20 years in various companies and have become well established structural consultants in time.

We are professionally qualified Chartered Engineers who have spent all our careers within the construction industry.

The company operates within the private and public sectors working with Architects, Chartered Surveyors, Contractors and other disciplines in the private sector and are currently working with a number of Local Authorities and Housing Associations two of which operate on a team agreement basis.

The company has grown to its current forteen staff members in that time and has developed an excellent reputation for providing a consistently high standard of quality with economy at the forefront.

We pride ourselves on our positive, friendly and professional attitude and can call on our wide experience to develop effective and economic engineering solutions.

Davies Burton Sweetlove is therefore well placed to continue to grow and provide the level of service and standards that the Directors are committed to maintaining for the foreseeable future.

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